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Transformers Stillness

A Transformers Icon Contest

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Transformers Icon Contest
Transformers Stillness
about and stuff
Welcome to tf_stillness, a Transformers Icon Contest.

How it works
This is a weekly icon challenge community based on the franchise Transformers. A new challenge will be posted once a week and you have one week to create icons. You will submit your 100x100 works of art in a comment and the members of this community will vote on the icons they like best.

There will be a variety of resources from the franchise such as the original cartoons, newer cartoons, comics, recent movie and anything else that can be found.

1. All entries are to be submitted to the post with the challenge image. Include in the comment the icon and the URL of the icon.
2. Do not post or use your icon anywhere until the contest is over.
3. This is a stillness community. Animation is not allowed in your icons (unless specifically indicated that it is such as a special contest)
4. Everything else (brushes, text, color, etc.) is allowed.
5. Your icon must meet livejournal requirements (100x100 and 40kb or less).
6. You may only use the image(s) provided.
7. Only members of the community may submit icons.

1. Vote for three icons in the poll provided.
2. Do not ask your friends to vote for you.
3. You may not vote for yourself. Doing so will get you disqualified.
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